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A. Mobilization

1. Construction of conductively and strategically temporary
2. Technical Support Services

3. Delivery of heavy equipment and machines needed for the works.

4. Security and Safety and Precautions:

B. Logistic Support

1. Management Organization and Staffing
2. Equipment Line-up

C. Communication Facilities

Cell phone units are issued to all key personnel, with unlimited call line for a more effective and immediate coordination among different channels and department of the site operation.


Weekly meetings and reports are conducted to monitor progress at site. It is our company policy that key personnel are encouraged to discuss and brainstorm more efficient and careful construction strategies that can help facilitate a fast, effective and outstanding performance with regards to the project herein. Herein mentioned are techniques common and basic to such operations, however additional construction analysis and various aspects have been extradited and incorporated for more firm and concrete results to wit;

A. Priority Schedule Chronologically tabulated scopes of works are path method considered for timed-framed construction schedule of said project.

1. Survey works: Verify all the horizontal and vertical dimensions indicated from the plan before commencing the work by using Total Station and Auto Level Equipment. Discrepancy between the drawing and the actual dimensions shall be reported immediately to the Owner’s Representative for necessary action and final decision. Or we shall conduct a pre-construction joint survey with the owner’s representative to establish the references as well to serve as the basis for the contract reference.


  • The organizational structure and responsibility of assignments is such that:

    ✅ Senior management establishes effective implementation of the quality assurance program and is responsible for obtaining the desired end result.
    ✅Quality is achieved and maintained by those assigned with responsibility for performing work.
    ✅Quality achievement is verified by those not directly responsible for performing the work.
    ✅Those responsible for assuring that an appropriate quality assurance program have been established and those verifying activities affecting quality have sufficient authority, direct access to responsible levels of management, organizational freedom, and access to work to perform this function, including sufficient independence from cost and schedule when opposed to safety function considerations.

These verification functions include the following:

(1) identifying quality problems- suppliers or contractor
(2) initiating, recommending, or providing solutions to quality problems through designated channels
(3) verifying implementation of solutions
(4) assuring that further processing, delivery, installation, or use are at the highest possible quality Delegation of Work

The individual or organization responsible for establishing and executing a quality assurance program may delegate any or all of the work to others but shall retain responsibility.

– General Construction Safety Guidelines
– Construction work can be particularly hazardous. Personal protective equipment, fire safety, electrical safety, environment and other precautions are essential for safe construction work.
– The following guidelines must be followed within construction sites:

  • ✅Wear proper work attire and protective gears at all times.
  • ✅Only authorized personnel are allowed within the construction site.
  • ✅Only authorized personnel are allowed to operate all tools and equipments.
  • ✅Maintain order and cleanliness.
  • ✅Put warning signs and barricades on critical or hazardous zones.
  • ✅Follow all operating and safety instructions of all tools and equipments.
  • ✅Secure at a safe and adequate area all fire hazards and combustible materials.
  • ✅Be prepared for unexpected hazards and incidences. Read and follow Company Safety Manual carefully.
“Construction development through integrity, dedication and commitment to excellence!”

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