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The organizational structure and responsibility of assignments is such that:
  • Senior management establishes overall expectations for effective implementation of the quality assurance program and is responsible for obtaining the desired end result.

  • Quality is achieved and maintained by those assigned responsibility for performing work.

  • Quality achievement is verified by those not directly responsible for performing the work.

Those responsible for assuring that an appropriate quality assurance program have been established and those verifying activities affecting quality have sufficient authority, direct access to responsible levels of management, organizational freedom, and access to work to perform this function, including sufficient independence from cost and schedule when opposed to safety function considerations. These verification functions include the following:
  • (1) identifying quality problems

  • (2) initiating, recommending, or providing solutions to quality problems through designated channels

  • (3) verifying implementation of solutions

  • (4) assuring that further processing, delivery, installation, or use is controlled until proper disposition of a nonconformance, deficiency, or unsatisfactory condition has occurred.

Delegation of Work

The individual or organization responsible for establishing and executing a quality assurance program may delegate any or all of the work to others but shall retain responsibility.

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